Elders help police seize speedsters’ vehicles

Elders help police seize speedsters’ vehicles

A young biker who tried to evade the clutches of the police to keep his prized vehicle from being seized was foiled when it was handed over to them by someone else — his own mother.

The police have caught a number of motorists and bikers involved in road stunts and racing after their parents and elders informed the police on them, Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Director of General Department of Traffic, said.In one such incident, the police caught a youngster who caused chaos in Oud Al Mutaina area in Dubai. He raced with his motorcycle, jumped the red signal and endangered road users. He dodged the chasing police patrols several times and entered his home but the cops reached the house and his mother opened the door.

When the police told her that the motorcycle was wanted for seizure, the youth refused to hand over the bike.However, the mother, who works for a government department, yelled at her son for his poor behaviour with the police and endangering himself and other road users and handed over the bike to the police .Maj-Gen Al Zafin said the police have also caught several other young motorists for racing on their motorcycles and in cars.

The police called in their parents. When one of the youths was summoned to hand over his car, his father, who works in a government department, approached the police and asked them for the reason for seizing the car.When the police explained to him the reason, he praised the police for their role in protecting the lives of arrogant youngsters and other road users.

Maj-Gen Al Zafin said among the youths were four who were held for risky driving and racing on Al Dhalm road in the direction of Oud Al Mutaina and Al Mizhar. One of them called his uncle who came to the scene and learnt that four of his nephews had participated in racing, clocking up to 200km per hour.When they called the nephews, they denied the allegation. However, the man told the police that he believed the officers and helped the police complete the procedures. He also made the youths to agree to contact the department and hand over their vehicles. – KhaleejNews