Over 11,000 cars impounded

Over 11,000 cars impounded

More than 11,000 cars have been seized by the Dubai authorities in the first 11 months of the year, with hundreds of thousands of fines issued during the same period.

The police seized around 6,120 cars, 2,448 bicycles and quad bikes and 239 motorcycles while, the patrols department, which works separately from the police, seized another 5,273 cars.Most of the car confiscations were a result of aggressive driving, expired car registration, overloading passengers and driving under the influence of alcohol.Meanwhile, a phenomenal 466,239 traffic violations were issued by both the police and the patrols department, mostly for speeding, tyre violations, overloading cars and crossing roads in undesignated areas.

The General Department of Traffic caught 8,809 motorists for aggressive driving during a police campaign from January and until November, compared to 2,689 during the same period the year before. During the campaign, the police seized almost three times as many cars this year, with 967 cars compared to 341 last year.

In a separate campaign targeting bus drivers, the police caught 944 buses that were overloaded, compared to 527 last year. The police seized 411 buses compared to 85 last year. During the police campaign against heavy trucks, the police have issued 42,371 traffic violations this year.Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui said that the Dubai Traffic Institute had held 112 training courses to enhance work of the police personnel and the police had organised 34 training courses for the reduction of black points.

The Dubai Police are continuing its campaign ‘No blood on the sands’, with 24 patrols deployed to prevent accidents and to spread awareness among the public on the dangerous impact of racing, dangerous bike riding habits and performing stunts on the sand. The campaign also aims at educating them on the importance of wearing helmets and safety suits while riding motorcycles.

The campaign will also educate drivers against speeding, reckless driving and racing, especially near the camping areas, which may endanger the lives of family and children.Col. Saif said that the Dubai Ambulance is participating in the campaign to train people in first aid.  He revealed that during the current year, the police had organised 11 traffic campaigns. – Khaleejnews