Biggest Storm Set To Hit US

Biggest Storm Set To Hit US
Biggest Storm Set To Hit US

National Weather Service warns NJ residents reluctant to evacuate to think about rescuers ‘who will recover your remains if you do not survive’ 

New York City Mayor Bloomberg orders mandatory evacuation of 375,000 people from low-lying areas in Red Zone A

Subway closed at 7pm for at least 24 hours – the second time in history

New York Stock Exchange closes trading floor on Monday

Expected storm surges along coastal areas in New York City to be anywhere from six to eleven-feet

People were warned to prepare for the worst on Sunday as Hurricane Sandy threatened winds of up to 100mph and surge flooding.

Officials told residents to head for higher ground as evacuations were ordered on the East Coast including a mandatory one for New York City which saw 375,000 people leave low-lying areas – DailyMail