Murderer Begs Death Penalty For Kidnapping, Raping And Killing Teenage Girl

Murderer Begs Death Penalty For Kidnapping
Murderer Begs Death Penalty For Kidnapping

A man who kidnapped, raped and murdered a 19-year-old girl today begged a Florida judge to give him the death penalty.

‘I cannot sit here in good conscience and, knowing what I’ve done … ask you with a straight face to give me life in prison. I can’t and I won’t,’ William Davis III said in court on Monday.Davis, who has bipolar disorder, was found guilty of kidnapping 19-year-old Fabiana Malave from her job at a used car dealership in 2009, and proceeding to rape and kill her.He confessed without hesitation to police in Sanford after he was found and said that he forced the victim to his house at knifepoint and proceeded to rape her.

The Orlando Sentinel cites the confession and says that Davis told officers she did not resist at all until he began strangling her from behind.Davis, 34, said that he knows what he did was wrong and he fears it will happen again because he will inevitably go back off his bipolar medication.’Most of the people who know me, whether its my attorneys or people that know me at the jail including an awful lot of officers, are just dumbfounded that I would be not only involved in something like this, but I would actually do something like this,’ he said in court.

‘I know how I am when I am off of my medication. I have always have known how I am when I am off my medication and yet it never fails: once I get to feeling better, I quit taking it. When I quit taking it, bad things happen.”It may not happen in a month- could be a year, could be two years- I can go long periods of time. But at some point something’s going to happen, and I’m going to go completely off the handle.’

His testimony which came during the time appointed for Davis to give any remaining evidence prior to his sentencing.Rather than say explicitly that he wants to be given the death penalty, he tactfully avoided those words in an effort to steer clear of solitary confinement’Last time I did they threw me in a suicide cell, they told me I was nuts,’ he said.Davis’ lawyer did not obey his client’s wishes, however, asking for a life prison sentence. The sentencing will be handed down on December 7. – Dailymail