Tatkal website can’t keep up with demand, admit IRCTC officials

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NEW DELHI: Try booking a tatkal train ticket online at 8am when booking counters and the web portal open simultaneously, and you will invariably find the website hanging frequently.

Do not expect the situation to improve dramatically as IRCTC, the agency that runs the site, has plainly said it cannot meet the surging demand.A GM-level IRCTC official said there were simply too many users, especially ahead of festivals and summer vacations.”We have seen a peak of 13,000 hits per minute during the first 10-15 minutes from 8am. Our capacity is 1,500-2,000 successful transactions a minute. There isn’t much we can do at the moment to meet the shortfall,” the official said.

“We have ensured our system is as tout-free as possible. For faster usage, we have installed iridium servers, increased bandwidth and worked on ways to increase server capacity. But the demand keeps on rising,” said an official. He added that CRIS, the company that set up the website, had been told about the problems. – TOI