SP ahead in U.P.; shock for Cong in Punjab

SP ahead in U.P.; shock for Cong in Punjab

Samajawdi PartyThe Samajawdi Party is emerging as the single largest party in Uttar Pradesh by leading in 190 of the total 403 seats in the assembly.

BSP, which had won an absolute majority with 206 seats in the 2007 polls, is leading in 101 seats, whereas Congress-RLD alliance is ahead in 52 and BJP in 49 seats.Other political parties including independents are leading in 11 seats.The shock for Congress came from Punjab where the ruling SAD-BJP alliance appeared to be bettering its 2007 performance when it got 69 seats in the 117-member Assembly.

BJP chief spokesperson Ravishankar Prasad said the party would be content to sit in the opposition if that was the verdict of the people.In Uttarakhand, later reports placed BJP leading in 32 seats while Congress, which was hoping to make a comeback in power, was leading in 28 seats.

Congress sweeps Manipur

But in Manipur, Congress is set to sweep back to power for the third consecutive term while the BJP is on the road to unseating Congress from power in Goa. The Congress has won in five seats and leading in 14 seats in the 60-member Assembly.SP, headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav, was surging ahead in in 177 seats in the 403—member Assembly while the ruling BSP was leading in 88 seats.The BJP was leading in 47 while Congress—RLD combine were ahead in 49 constituencies.

BJP alliance win in Punjab

In Punjab, Akali Dal—BJP combine appeared set to retain power in Punjab, a first in the history of the state, by leading in 71 of the 117—member House. Congress, which was expected to wrest power, was leading only in 38 seats.The Congress, which had 42 seats in the outgoing Assembly, has won three and was leading in 43 seats.

BJP likely to form next govt. in Goa

Goa is set for a change of power as BJP—MGP combine was ahead. BJP itself has won five seats and was leading in five others and its ally MGP was ahead in one seat.The ruling Congress, which had won 16 seats in the last elections, has won one seat and was leading in two others. Its ally NCP was ahead in one constituency. – Thehindu