OBL was not buried at sea: Stratfor

Osama Bin LadenWASHINGTON: Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, who was killed on May 2 last year in a US Special Forces operation in Abbottabad, was not buried at sea but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover, a report claimed on Monday.

According to secret files of Stratfor leaked by WikiLeaks, Osama was not buried at sea in an Islamic ceremony but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover, DE, on a CIA plane.Then it was shifted to the medical institute of US armed forces in Maryland for examination. At 5:26am on May 2, the morning after US President Barack Obama announced the successful raid on Osama’s Abbottabad compound, Stratfor CEO George Friedman sent an email that said: “Reportedly, we took the body with us. Thank goodness.”

Fred Burton, Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, followed that up at 5:51am with an email titled “(alpha) Body bound for Dover, DE on CIA plane” that said: “Than (sic) onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda.” At 1:36pm, Burton replied to a thread named “Re: OBL’s corpse” with the message: “Body is Dover bound, should be here by now.” That contradicts the official story that bin Laden’s body was handled in accordance with Islamic tradition and released into the sea from a US Navy vessel. – PT