UAE launches ‘Aviation Encyclopaedia’

UAE Aviation EncyclopaediaABU DHABI:  AviPedia or “Aviation Encyclopaedia”, the new electronic learning centre of aviation, was officially launched by Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). It aims to enhance and strengthen the knowledge and professional awareness in most aviation aspects.

AviPedia is a dynamic enterprise that contains educational materials and information, documentaries and audio-visual content which is made available to the Shaikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre (SZC) staff. This is to encourage staff to take advantage from the valuable training and educational data available.

AviPedia will take several phases, where the first phase was completed recently. It includes organising the content in alphabetical order, and dividing the encyclopaedia into six sections: Air Traffic Management, Aeronautical Information Management, Communication Navigation and Surveillance, Training, Safety and Quality, and last section is others which is divided into five parts, Social, Scientific, Aviation, Technology and Languages. Moreover, the existing Encyclopedia of Aviation will be electronically incorporated in the Avipedia, making it easier to access and faster to get needed information. – Khaleejnews