Chilly winds sweep UAE

winds sweep UAEDUBAI: Residents in the UAE were in for a chilly blast of winds sweeping the region on Sunday, bringing down the temperatures sharply. A gloomy day and nippy night saw people wrapping themselves in warm clothing to brave the weather.

Mountainous areas saw a big dip with the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reporting a freezing low of zero degree Celsius, while coastal regions reported minimums of 13-15 degree Celsius.  The NCMS said the cold weather would continue during the day, changing to very cold during night, especially over the mountainous and some internal areas. “The cloud amount will increase at times, especially over the northern areas, with a chance of some light rain there.”The forecast said day temperatures could fall further over the next couple of days.

“Wind is fresh to moderate in general, causing blowing sand-dust over the open lands by afternoon, and reducing the horizontal visibility at times. Wind speed tends to decrease during night and tomorrow early morning.” Residents are warned to stay away from the sea. “Sea will be very rough to rough,” the NCMS said. The mercury is expected to dip further at night until Tuesday.The forecast added that more clouds could gather over the northern areas of the country. The weekend saw some rain and more rain is expected this week with west to westerly winds ruffling the coast. Waves could rise from 5 to 8 feet height, said the NCMS. – Khaleejnews