Man bleeds to death at Delhi’s Nizamuddin railway station

Nizamuddin railway stationNEW DELHI: Trying to jump onto a moving train to secure a seat, a 36-year-old man fell into the gap between platform and train and remained stuck there after being dragged some distance, bleeding to death over one-and-a-half hours on Wednesday.

By the time authorities at Nizamuddin railway station extricated Bhagwan Parwal from the six-inch space and took him to hospital, it was too late.While railway officials, RPF jawans, Delhi GRP personnel and fire brigade officials tried all remedies, from detaching train steps to chiselling away the platform, eyewitnesses said only station staff were around to provide first aid to Parwal. Railway officers and RPF, however, denied the claims.

Parwal had fallen in sideways and fractured his hip; any effort to “hasten the rescue could have worsened his physical condition”, they said, adding that a doctor was on standby throughout the rescue operation. It is not clear, though, as to what help was administered.Parwal fell off the platform around 9.40pm and remained there till 11pm. When he was pulled out, he was wheeled out to a police van in a vendor’s cart and taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre. Railway officials failed to explain why a CAT ambulance – with whom station officials claim to have a tie up – was not called in earlier. – TOI