Complete understanding between Pakistan,Afghanistan and Turkey at trilateral summit

Trilateral summitISTANBUL: Trilateral summit between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey hosted by Turkish President ended with show of solidarity when the presidents of three participating countries jointly shook hands at the end of the joint press conference.

The sixth trilateral summit hosted by President Abdullah Gul here and attended by President Asif Ali Zardari and President Hamid Karzai reflected a rare gesture of solidarity, cooperation and understanding when the three presidents shook hands before a battery of photographers and cameramen representing media of not only of the three countries but the entire world. Another example of  solidarity was witnessed when the military chiefs of the three countries also jointly shook hand as gesture of unity after signing the agreement for joint training between the three countries and it was a pleasant occasion that Turkey played important role in bringing the army chiefs of three countries together at one platform.

The interior ministers of three countries started this solidarity when they shook hands after signing the agreement. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman  Malik took the  initiative to hold the hands of his counterparts from Afghanistan and Turkey and expressed the solidarity by raising the hands of the three ministers together.This gesture was followed by the three presidents when they shook hands together after completing their press conference. – APP