Pak-US tensions: King Abdullah may play pacifier

Pak-US tensions: King Abdullah may play pacifier

ISLAMABAD: With tensions escalating between Pakistan and US, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is most likely to jump in as pacifier to save estranged partners from reaching the point of no return.To start with King Abdullah sent his intelligence guys to listen to the Pakistani side and to gauge tensions between the key allies in the war against terrorism, according to well-placed defense sources.

The sources on condition of anonymity told Media on Monday a delegation of senior intelligence officials rushed from Saudi Arabia to hold an in-depth meeting with ISI chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha. During the meeting two sides underlined common background information on conflict about Haqqani group, the sources said.

According to the sources US, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia were primary partners in creation of all these militants groups (including the Haqqanis) in Afghanistan to block the then invading USSR. The sources did not rule out the possibility of King Abdullah himself playing as pacifier to defuse tensions reaching boiling point after scathing American allegations and touchy Pakistani grievances in war on terror.

The sources described all reports in international and national media on Monday about the visits of Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and ISI chief Pahsa as mere speculations and rumors intended to confound confusion. However, the sources were unable to rule out the speculations that Saudi intelligence team rushed to Pakistan under the US influence.The sources told Media that both the army and the intelligence chiefs would certainly visit world capitals to explain Pakistan’s position but only after having mandate to do so from the political leadership. “The military or intelligence leaders visiting abroad ahead of the political decisions in this regard makes no sense,” the sources added.

The sources described foreign new agency’s reports claiming schedule and later cancellation of army chief’s visit to UK and private meeting with British Defense Secretary Dr Liam Fox as baseless stories based on speculations.The sources told Media that Pasha would also be holding meetings with his Chinese counterpart who is part of the Vice Prime Minister Hui Liangyu’s delegation that arrived Sunday on a 2-day official visit. The sources were also anticipating some high-profile defense pact between Pakistan and China that may not be made public for strategic reasons. – Onlinenews