£1m Reward For Gaddafi As SAS ‘Leads Hunt’

A £1m reward has been offered for the capture of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi dead or alive – amid reports the SAS is leading the hunt for the Libyan dictator.Gun battles continue to be fought in Tripoli between rebels and Gaddafi loyalists – and a number of snipers are still active.Fighters from as far west as the Nafusa mountains and as far east as Benghazi have been streaming into Tripoli in the hope of bringing the capital under full rebel control.Opposition forces are still searching for the dictator of 42 years, with a £1m reward for his capture put up by two businessmen in Benghazi.

But as world leaders called a conference in France to discuss Libya’s future, reports emerged that soldiers from the elite 22 SAS Regiment were helping rebels track down Col Gaddafi.According to the Daily Telegraph, the British troops have been dressing in Arab civilian clothing and are armed with the same weapons as locals.Sources told the newspaper the soldiers had been operating in Libya for several weeks and had joined the hunt for Col Gaddafi on the orders of Prime Minister David Cameron. – Skynews