Osama’s wife refuses surgery in prison

LONDON: Osama bin Laden’s favourite wife, being held in Pakistan three months after he was killed in an operation by US special forces, is refusing to undergo surgery in protest against her detention, her brother has claimed.Amal al-Sadah was reportedly shot in the leg as she tried to shield her husband when US Navy Seals burst into the Al-Qaeda chief’s hideout in Abbottabad.

We are worried about her physical and mental health. My sister is being held illegally. Under international law she should be set free. She’s not locked in a cell but is watched 24 hours a day and is living in a small room with her children. “Yet she hasn’t been tried or convicted and we have no idea where she is being held.

The wounds to her leg are not minor, but she is refusing surgery until she is allowed to see her family,” Amal’s brother Zakariya was quoted by the Sunday Mirror as saying. Zakariya claimed his sister had done nothing wrong. “My sister was a wife, she did not commit any crime. She did not want to be involved in anything her husband was doing. She was busy ensuring her children were raised well, like any mother,” he said.It was widely known that Amal gave birth to a daughter days after September 11 attacks on New York.

She was named Safia by Bin Laden.But Zakariya revealed she has had four more children – two sons and two daughters. “We want the children to be brought up by their mother in Yemen. And we are not at all worried about raising bin Laden’s children. “Amal never complained about Osama as a husband. She did not know most of what he was doing outside their married life,” he said.Earlier, there were reports in Pakistaniand foreign media that Amal al-Sadah was being handed over by the government in Islamabad to the Yemeni authorities along with her kids but there was no such development till today. – Nation