US officials share revelations from Osama diary

Osama advised his partners to kill as many American civilians as possible in an attack.US officials claim to have got hold of a diary of Osama Bin Laden.An investigation on Osamas personal papers and computer files is on with some surprising revelations.According to a British newspaper, the Guardian, US commandos recovered hand written notes, computers and hundreds of computer files when they raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad on May 2.According to a report made after reviewing the evidence, Osama in his hand written diary was advising his partners to carry out attacks similar to the one on 9/11. He advised them to carry out attacks in Los Angeles and other smaller cities. He also suggested targeting trains and airplanes.The newspaper claimed that Osama was leading Al-Qaeda till his breath his last. Osama used to deeply review the details of the plans and also gave the final approval.The newspapers quoting US officials claimed that Osama was smarter than what the US had thought.  – Dunyanews