Osama Bin Laden is dead, declares Obama

Osama’s son also killed in the operation while two of his wives have been arrested.The world’s  most sought-after man since the 9/11 attack on New York’s World Trade Centre has been killed, US President Barack Obama declared early on Monday.In a television address, Obama confirmed Bin Laden’s death, claiming that Bin Laden was killed in a US operation in Abbottabad.He said that Osama was not the leader of Islamic world, but a murderer, adding that he had talked to the Pakistani officials, including Asif Ali Zardari about the operation. He said that America was not fighting against Islam.Earlier, the US and western sources claimed that Bin Laden was killed as the result of a missile attack in Pakistan. But President Obama claimed that Bin Laden was killed in a joint operation by US special forces and CIA operatives in Abbottabad and Osama s body was in possession of the US officials. The DNA test also confirmed Bin Laden’s death.

One of Osama s sons also killed while two of his wives were arrested in the operation.The news comes eight years after former US president George Bush had declared his mission in Iraq as accomplished, but had to kiss the dust when he was greeted by a shoe thrower in Iraq.The news of Bin Laden’s death has boosted the morale of the US policy makers who had suffered years of humiliation at the hands of Bin Laden on several occasions.Hundreds of people have been killed in the tribal areas of Pakistan in US drone attacks while the coalition forces had continuously been suffering causalities in Afghanistan. Bin Laden had issued a decree, asking his followers to attack US interests all over the world.Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh on March 10, 1957 in an influential business family having contacts with the Saudi royal family. – Dunyanews