Fears Grow For Siege-Trapped Syrians

Troops and tanks remain the town of Deraa in the south and Douma, near the capital Damascus.Residents say water and electricity have been cut off and medicine and food are in short supply.Snipers are said to be shooting civilians if they leave their homes.Young men are reportedly being hauled out of their homes and taken away in buses.The military assault on the protest movement is in its seventh day.Tanks have been reported in other towns.More than 60 people are thought to have been killed since Friday.Despite the crackdown Syrians are continuing their uprising against the Assad regime.New footage emerging on YouTube shows protesters being shot in cold blood at a range of less than a 100 yards.

Others stay on the street defying the gunfire. A woman shouts at the police that they are dogs.Residents in Deraa say overnight women and children took to the rooftops shouting: “God is great, greater than the tyrant.”The Assad regime is defying international condemnation and calls for restraint, but is losing its legitimacy. In the past it has won support across the Arab world for its hostility to Israel.Now it has turned its guns on its own people and killed hundreds in an effort to quell the unrest and keep its grip on power.Neighbouring Arab countries have been mute in their criticism, in contrast to their ready willingness to condemn Israel when it uses tanks and soldiers to kill Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.Arab members of the UN Human Rights Council abstained from a vote condemning the violence.America has announced limited sanctions and the European Union has been saying for more than a week it is considering a range of options. – Skynews