Chinese FM to attend strategic dialogue with GCC, visit four countries

BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will attend the second round of strategic dialogue between China and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in early May, a spokesman said on Tuesday. Yang is scheduled to attend the dialogue to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and pay official visits to Egypt, Serbia, Switzerland and Russia from May 1 to 7, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei at a regular news briefing.

China and the GCC launched their first round of strategic dialogue in  June 2010 in Beijing.“China hopes this round of dialogue can deepen political trust, expand reciprocal cooperation, and benefit the peoples of both sides,” said Hong.The GCC has been playing a significant role in promoting economic development, peace and stability in the Gulf region, Hong said, adding that “GCC member countries have become China’s most important partners in terms of cooperation on energy and trade.”.The China-GCC strategic dialogue is one of several collective dialogue mechanisms between China and its partners in the Gulf region and is conducive to advancing China-GCC relations, said Hong.Regarding Yang’s Egypt visit, Hong said China supports Egypt’s efforts to maintain social stability, push for economic development and realize a smooth transfer of power.Hong said China has and will continue to offer help within its capacity, adding “China believes that the China-Egypt strategic and cooperative partnership will move forward in a healthy and stable way. – APP