US fashion boss accused of using teen as sex slave

He convinced the world that luminous spandex and skinny jeans could somehow represent acceptable wardrobe staples. But behind the scenes, Dov Charney, founder of the fashion chain American Apparel, took an equally unorthodox approach to workplace ethics, according to the fourth sexual harassment lawsuit to drop into his mailbox.The 42-year-old entrepreneur is being sued by a former employee who claims she was forced to perform an exotic array of sex acts upon him over eight months.Irene Morales, a 20-year-old former store manager for American Apparel, is seeking $260m in damages. Her lawsuit says she joined the firm in 2007, at the age of 17. It alleges that she quickly caught the eye of Charney.Morales was invited to visit Charney at home in April 2008. “She was held prisoner for hours and forced to perform sexual acts,” the suit says. Sexual abuse is alleged to have continued for the next eight months. Charney is said to have sent explicit photos and SMSes to her. She also recalls being given a “large dildo sex toy” – TOI