Irish Republic’s new government to take over

A new government is due to take power in the Irish Republic after the ruling Fianna Fail party’s heavy defeat in last month’s general election.Ireland went to the polls just three months after receiving a 90bn euro bail-out from the EU and IMF.Opposition leader Enda Kenny is set to be elected prime minister when the new parliament meets in Dublin.The government will include Mr Kenny’s centre-right Fine Gael party, and the centre-left Labour Party.The new cabinet is expected to have ten Fine Gael and five Labour members.The two parties’ programme for government includes wide-ranging proposals to deal with the country’s massive fiscal deficit.The outgoing cabinet held its last meeting at government buildings in Dublin on Tuesday.Thirty-four outgoing Fianna Fail TDs failed to be re-elected in last month’s poll, while the party’s coalition partner, the Greens, lost all six of their seats – BBC