India police raid TV channel linked to DMK

Indian police raided a television station linked to the govt, as a widening investigation into a corruption scandal threatens the coalition and scares off investors.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is under growing pressure over his role in the illicit sale of mobile phone licences, although he has said he would not resign, blaming the debacle on his sacked telecommunications minister, who is now under arrest.“Raids have been carried out today on the offices of Kalaignar TV in connection with the 2G scam,” said a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) official, who declined to be identified.The raids followed allegations that companies under investigation in the sale of 2G mobile licences, had paid $47 million to the channel owned by the family running the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party.The DMK, from the state of Tamil Nadu, is not expected to leave the coalition but the investigation is testing its links with Congress and could put pressure on it to decide whether to stay in the alliance.The corruption scandal has shaken India’s business elite and shows no signs of abating. Billionaires Anil Ambani and Prashant Ruia have both been questioned by the CBI, something unheard of in India in recent times.Shares in companies linked to the scandal have suffered.Stocks on the main Indian index, Sensex , are down nearly 11 percent this year, the worst performers among major Asian markets, with worry about graft keeping investors on edge.The investigation of the sale of mobile phone licences in the world’s second largest mobile phone market is the biggest crisis to face the prime minister and his ruling coalition since they were returned to power in 2009.
Testing CoalitionThe Congress party-led government is not in great danger of collapsing because of its support from its coalition allies, whose positions within government keep them from jumping ship.

Most analysts expect the DMK to stick with Congress for fear they would do worse in an upcoming state election this year.“These raids, Raja going to jail, and the promise of a substantial reshuffle, show Singh is determined to do what he wants to do, but if he can’t show improvements in the next two months, the long-term issues (of remaining in power) will become more scrutinised,” said Manoj Joshi, an editor at the Mail Today.“The DMK is in a tight position as it runs a government (in Tamil Nadu state) supported by the Congress. With all this happening, the DMK probably stands to lose more if it breaks with the coalition.”The government on Thursday scrapped another lucrative satellite telecoms contract because of irregularities, dealing a fresh blow to Singh, whose office was ultimately responsible for the deal.

Foreign investors, keen to invest in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, are starting to pay close attention to the scandal as it has exposed India’s struggle with regulation and transparency.India has long grappled with cracking down on corruption, which has not significantly hurt foreign investment due to the market potential of Asia’s third-largest economy.The last parliamentary session was halted by opposition protests demanding an investigation into the telecoms scam, effectively stopping any reform bills such as one to make land acquisition easier for both industry and farmers.Singh’s government appears close to agreeing to a broad, cross-party investigation into the 2G mobile scandal, paving the way for parliament to resume for a Feb. 21 budget session – Khaleejnews