‘Munni’ too vulgar for National Games

“Munni Badnaam Hui” might be the rage, but not in Jharkhand. Sameera Reddy realised when she reached to perform this song for the 34th National Games in Ranchi.The organisers of the show found the song to be too bawdy for such a solemn moment. The actress had no option but to perform her own song ‘Tere Ishq Se Meetha Kuch Bhi Nahi’.It was deemed less vulgar by authorities. A source present there said, “Sameera was performing for the ceremony in Ranchi.She had rehearsed for Munni Badnaam Hui, but when she reached the venue, the organisers did not want her to shake a leg to this particular song.They told her that it is too not appropriate for this function.” Sameera was sporting enough to comply – TOI