We respect other values and cultures: Sultan bin Salman

RIYADH: Extensive arrangements are being made for a special event to showcase the rich heritage of the Kingdom for members of the diplomatic corps, according to Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).Prince Sultan was speaking after inaugurating the Andalusia Gardens exhibition at the National Museum on Tuesday night on behalf of Riyadh Gov. Prince Salman.The monthlong show was organized by the Spanish Embassy in Riyadh in cooperation with the Islamic Culture Foundation of Madrid (FUNCI).“Such an event will be able to project the right image of the Kingdom’s culture and heritage,” Prince Sultan said, adding that the Kingdom is keen on respecting other cultures and values while preserving its own heritage. He said the proposed show would be sponsored by SCTA in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.“Spain is a country that is very close to my heart because of its rich heritage and natural beauty,” the prince said, calling on the Spanish Embassy in Riyadh to give more incentives to Saudis interested in touring the country.

Prince Sultan said that the Kingdom organized the “Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces Through the Ages” exhibition recently in Barcelona under the auspices of the Spanish city’s La Caixa Foundation.“The idea for this roving exhibition, which came from a royal directive, was to hold it at a number of renowned museums in Europe and the US,” he said.“The exhibition will showcase the Kingdom’s history through its antiquities and its particular importance in relation to our leadership’s recent concerns for inter-religious dialogue and human communication.”Princess Adela bint Abdullah, president of the Advisory Board of the National Museum, said the exhibition was a gesture of appreciation for the Andalusians, who with their passion for gardening, benefiting from Persian to Roman cultures, had established a pattern of their own, while expressing openness for other civilizations.She also expressed her appreciation for the keenness of Spanish society and its cultural institutions to preserve the heritage and legacy of its culture through such exhibitions.Princess Adela said the exhibition showcases the ancient art and engineering of Andalusian gardens and aims to convey a message of cooperation to preserve the environment and historical heritage shared between the East and West.

The princess said the National Museum was established with the aim of preserving the history of the Arabian Peninsula through the study of different civilizations that lived here. The building is considered a cultural landmark of Saudi Arabia.“It provides a modern educational environment for different segments of society and for researchers and professionals from local and international points of view. It also allows for the sharing of experiences with other Arab and international museums, and provides a focus on the role of Islamic civilization and how it has contributed to other cultures.”On the sidelines of the show, Spanish Ambassador Pablo Bravo told Arab News that his country maintains excellent bilateral relations with the Kingdom, supported by many common values and long traditions.“We are bringing the Andalusian Gardens to Riyadh to give an opportunity to those in the Kingdom to see for themselves the beauty of this landscape and to depict the cultural affinity between the two countries,” he added.The exhibition, which he said had toured Maghreb countries, will be shown only in Riyadh in the Middle East region.According to FUNCI President Cherif Abderrahman Jah, the exhibition demonstrates the peaceful coexistence between different cultures – Arabnews