Pakistan is ready for meaningful dialogue with India: FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said on Sunday that the Kashmir issue must be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiris and the United Nation (UN) resolutions.In a brief telephonic talk with a private TV channel, he said,“Without resolving the issue, it is too much difficult to maintain peace and stability in the entire region.”He said: “Pakistan is ready for meaningful and comprehensive dialogues with India on core issues such as Kashmir, Siachin and others.”Pakistan had already held composite dialogue with India on various issues including Kashmir, Siachin, economic, cultural issues etc, but India did not show seriousness over the issues, he added.Abdul Basit said that India should show maturity about the issues to bring peace in the region. However, he said, that it was not possible to resolve all the issues in accordance with the aspirations of India.

He said “Only dialogues are not enough for resolving the strategic issues, but India should take serious steps to remove all the irritants and discriminations. Pakistan always tried its best to maintain good ties with India,” he added. He appreciated India’s statement that it wanted to maintain peace in the region. He said that Pakistan had also taken several measures for sustaining peace and stability in the entire region.He termed the Indian allegations of terrorism against Pakistan as baseless because the latter was itself a victim of terrorist activities.“We are combating a successful war against terror and also taking several measures to eradicate terrorist activities from the region,” he maintained.He said that Pakistan was sincearly co-operating with India about Mumbai attacks, but the latter had not provided any information about the ‘Samjhota Express – APP