US man nabbed for drugs jumps to death in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine and U.S. authorities are investigating the death of a U.S. Navy officer who police say jumped from a second-floor staircase at the Manila airport after being arrested with a sachet of cocaine.

Aviation police chief Pedro Desuasido said Lt. Cmdr. Scintar Buenviaje Mejia leaped to his death Monday while he was being escorted to the bathroom by a security guard. Desuasido said the 35-year-old Mejia, a Filipino-American citizen, died of severe head injuries.

He was arrested a day earlier at an airport X-ray machine where Desuasido say security personnel discovered a plastic sachet in the pocket of Mejia’s bag containing cocaine. Desuasio said Mejia denied the sachet was his and claimed he was set up – Yahoonews