Directory to organize volunteer work

JEDDAH: The International Center for Research and Studies in Jeddah (Midad) is preparing a directory for volunteer work at charitable organizations in the Kingdom.The directory will contribute to the management of volunteers. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Seraihi, director general of the center, said the directory would also encourage Saudi youths to take part in volunteer work and help develop their skills. “This directory is part of efforts to improve the administrative and financial efficiency of charitable organizations,” Al-Seraihi said. “Midad has been studying the major problems facing charitable organizations in the area of capacity building,” he added. He said the center has set out certain standards to improve the performance of charitable organizations, especially at the administration level. “Volunteers play a big role in boosting the activities of charitable organizations. Subsequently, a total plan is required to manage these volunteers and make use of their capabilities properly,” Al-Seraihi said. According to Saleh Al-Wohaibi, secretary-general of the  World Assembly of Muslim Youth, most charitable organizations in the Kingdom came into existence after 1980. At present there are 323 such organizations including 286 societies and 37 foundations. They include Qur’an memorization societies and cooperative dawa centers – Arabnews