British artist to auction painting to raise funds for Pak floods

LONDON: Cambridge based artist Caroline Jaine is offering her painting ‘Pashto Rug’ for sale with the aim of raising funds for Pakistani flood survivors.“Somehow this tragedy has dropped from the media”, says Caroline, “during Ramadan millions were raised in support of the flood survivors, let’s see how much we can offer during the Christian season of good will to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.” Caroline, a former British diplomat and peace-builder, has long had an interest in Pakistan and hopes to begin an art work in the new year that connects her home city of Cambridge with the Pakistani city of Karachi.The artist will put the rug on sale through the popular auction website eBay and the money raised in this auction will go directly to the Sarhad Rural Support Programme who help people affected in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province – App