Kuwait police break up opposition gathering

DUBAI: Several people were hurt when Kuwaiti police intervened to disperse an opposition gathering on Wednesday, prompting a call to question Prime Minister in parliament, regional media reported.Al Arabiya television said some parliament members were among those injured outside the home of MP Jaman al-Herbish where a crowd had gathered to attend an opposition forum.Footage carried by Al Jazeera television showed riot police using batons to push back a group of opposition members.“This was an outrage unprecedented in Kuwait’s political history. There was a deliberate will to beat the opposition physically,” Herbish told the television.MPs were to propose on Thursday a motion to question Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah over the violence. There was no immediate comment on state media about the incident.Kuwait’s parliament, the most outspoken in a region mostly governed by ruling families, has triggered numerous cabinet resignations or reshuffles through questioning and no-confidence motions, delaying important economic reforms.But it was unclear whether the issue of the police action has the potential to rally significant opposition to the prime minister in parliament, where government opponents make up a minority – Kahleejnews