Suspected bomb bound for Germany intercepted

A suspected bomb in a suitcase checked in on a German-bound plane was intercepted in Namibia, Germany’s Federal Crime Office (BKA) said Thursday, one day after Berlin raised its terror alert level.

The BKA said the suspicious baggage had been seized Wednesday at the international airport in Windhoek before it was due to be loaded on to an LTU/Air Berlin flight to Munich.

“A subsequent X-ray (of the luggage) revealed batteries that were attached with wires to a detonator and a ticking clock,” it said in a statement.

“Only the ongoing forensic investigation will show whether this was a live explosive.”

Passengers on the flight as well as all luggage in the hold and the aircraft itself underwent subsequent checks before the plane was given clearance to take off.

“They arrived in Munich safe and sound last night,” the statement said.

The BKA said it dispatched officers in South Africa to Namibia, a former German colony, to aid in the investigation and planned to send further experts to examine the suspected bomb.

The German government hiked security measures at rail stations, airports and other public spaces Wednesday following a tip-off from a “foreign partner” about an attack by extremists planned this month.

“Since the middle of 2010, the security services have noticed increased indications that the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda has been planning attacks in the United States, in Europe and in Germany,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said.

Citing security sources, the Tagesspiegel daily reported Thursday that the United States had told Berlin that between two and four Al-Qaeda operatives were on their way to Germany and Britain to attempt attacks.

Among the targets Tagesspiegel cited were Germany’s popular Christmas markets. The paper added the militants were expected to arrive in Germany on November 22 via India or the United Arab Emirates.