Cameroon village converts to Islam, thanks to king’s humanitarian gesture

MINA: An operation to separate a pair of Cameroonian conjoined twins, conducted by Health Minister Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has eventually led to the conversion of an entire Cameroonian village to Islam.

This was revealed by a dignitary from the African state, Sultan Omar, during a visit to Al-Rabeeah at the Mina Emergency Hospital. The twins, Rahima and Hamidah, were separated in April 2007.“The successful operation conducted by Al-Rabeeah has led to the chief and members of the whole tribe of my home village Banky, estimated to be home to 1,100 people, and many others from other parts of Cameroon to embrace Islam spontaneously and without any pressure. They were all moved by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah’s humanitarian gesture,” he said.

Omar was accompanied by a delegation of 26 Cameroonian Muslim converts in a courtesy visit to express gratitude to Al-Rabeeah. “We not only owe it to Al-Rabeeah, we also owe it to King Abdullah who ordered for the twins to be separated at his personal expense. This was a humanitarian gesture that we all saw,” he said.

Omar requested Al-Rabeeah to convey his and his accompanying delegation’s gratitude to King Abdullah.

Omar and his delegation, who are performing Haj as guests of King Abdullah, praised the Kingdom’s Haj services. They also thanked the Kingdom for helping Cameroon, particularly with the building of a number of mosques, a dam and a wheat project – Arabnews