Brazil’s Farmers Seek Higher Coffee Profits

Brazil produces more coffee than any other country. Now, some Brazilian farmers want coffee drinkers to see Brazil as a producer of some of the best coffee in the world. The coffee-growing region of Sao Paulo state exemplifies how farmers are working to satisfy the rising expectations of coffee drinkers.

The coffee crop is in at Jose Renato Serra’s farm in Garça. Farmer Jose Renato Serra said, “We are late in the season, and this is the last harvest.”After harvest, Brazilian coffee beans spend about three days drying in the sun, before being processed. Late beans like these are often collected after they’ve fallen on the ground, so they command the lowest prices.

Serra also grows high-quality beans. Like other farmers, he is looking at producing more of them. “Brazil produces 50 percent of the world’s coffee. Half of Brazil’s output is very low quality, but that is changing now – Voanews