‘India failed in getting U.S. endorsement on Pakistan’s terror label’

ISLAMABAD: India has failed to get endorsement from the United States for its efforts to label Pakistan as a terror exporting state, political analysts said Monday.“Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has failed to get a public endorsement from US President Barack Obama, on his government’s stance to declare Pakistan a country involved in terrorism,” Hassan Rizvi Askari, an expert on politics and defence told APP.The analyst said though President Obama during his visit to India maintained the previous U.S. position on Kashmir issue favouring Pak-India dialogue, but his non-endorsement to Dr Singh’s views could be termed positive for Pakistan.
Prime Minister Manmohan earlier in a joint press conference with President Obama in New Delhi said India was committed to resolving all problems with Pakistan, if the latter ensures to move away from “terror-induced coercion”.Askari mentioned Obama’s support for continuing dialogue between the two neighbouring countries, and said the U.S.  refrainment to play a direct role in resolving Kashmir issue was a “partly a hands-off policy”.Obama at the press conference said the U.S. cannot impose solutions to the Pak-India issues including Kashmir. The U.S.  President said he was happy to play any role the parties think was appropriate in reducing tensions, “which is in the interest of the two countries, region and the United States.”

Askari believed that “the United States does not want a direct interference on Kashmir issue and insists that solution has to be found by the two parties themselves.”Rasool Bux Raees, a political analyst said President Obama’s statements in India showed no change in the U.S. policy on Kashmir.“It (statement) is consistent with the old U.S. policy, persuading both the countries to hold dialogue, without a direct involvement,” he said.Raees said Obama’s statement on being “ready to play role in reducing tensions”, was more of a “polite diplomatic language” rather than a mediatory offer.“It’s a kind of neutral stance,” he said.Raees said he did not see India deviating from it’s stance of avoiding dialogue with Pakistan.He said the whole world was confronting the issue of terrorism, adding that no country could guarantee zero terrorism what India seeks from Pakistan – App