19 killed in China shopping center fire

BEIJING: At least 19 people have been killed when  a shopping mall caught fire in northeast China’s Jilin City.Liu Qizhi, a spokesman with the city government said Saturday that 24 of the 27 injured people were hospitalized, but none of them suffered severe injuries.According to the headquarters, the fire, which broke out at about 9:15 am Friday, was extinguished in 10 hours. The blaze was mainly raging on the fourth floor of the five-story shopping center, which was the place for furniture  stores.

The government spokesman said a part of the fifth floor, which was a gymnasium, was also damaged by the fire.The lower floors of the shopping mall built in 1987 at Hunchun Street  are occupied by stores for selling garments and shoes. By the time the fire broke  out, there were 64 stores operating.The general manager of the mall has been detained by police for questioning – App