Pakistani doctor honoured for contribution to British health services

LONDON:A British Asian doctor of Pakistani origin has been honoured for his sustained and dedicated contribution to the UK National Health Services. Dr.Shahid Quraishi, a consultant ENT surgeon, has been conferred with Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Award (ACCEA) in recognition of his valuable services. This is the most prestigious award given every year to consultants in Britain for sustained and dedicated contributions to NHS over and above the standard expected of their role. This is a public acknowledgement of Dr.  Quraishi’s expertise and high quality of his work.He received the award after intense scrutiny by various committees composed of medical colleagues of different disciplines, health service managers, and lay members.
In his message of felicitation, Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK) Wajid Shamsul Hasan said that he has full confidence in the capabilities of Pakistani doctors and their outstanding contribution towards the health systems of may countries around the globe including Britain, the United States, Canada and Middle Eastern countries.

The High Commissioner added that Dr. Quraishi was a role model for the entire Pakistani community and hopefully young Pakistanis would follow his footsteps for achieving excellence in their relevant fields.Paying tribute to Dr Quraishi, Dr Robin Bolton, Medical Director has said:  “This is an exceptional achievement. Dr. Quraishi is the only ENT Surgeon in South Yorkshire and the first surgeon at Doncaster Royal Infirmary to have received this National Award.  It recognizes his international reputation as a clinical leader and innovator and I am extremely pleased that Mr Quraishi’s hard work and determination to strive for excellence has been recognised – App