Delhi told to quit blaming ISI

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan on Thursday expressed the hope that during his forthcoming visit to India, US President Barack Obama would take up issues that are central to ensuring peace and stability in the region.Addressing the weekly briefing at the Foreign Office, spokesman Abdul Basit said, “Pakistan hopes that the US being a super power can play its role for regional peace.”Commenting on the Indian prime minister’s statement expressing readiness for dialogue with Pakistan to resolve all issues, the spokesman pointed out that there was marked difference between what Indians say and what they do.He said had this not been the case the two countries would surely have been able to normalize relations by settling bilateral disputes including Jammu and Kashmir.The spokesman said, “Dialogue doesn’t mean that we sit across the table and reiterate our respective positions.”“Pakistan wants a meaningful and result-oriented dialogue process and it will welcome if India moves beyond rhetoric and blame game, but there is nothing on the ground to inspire hope,” he said.The spokesman also pointed out that India was killing innocent Kashmiris and hoped that New Delhi would bridge the gap between its words and deeds.Commenting on the Indian defence minister’s remarks about ISI and its involvement in different incidents in his country, the spokesman said, “Unfortunately, India seems to be obsessed with the ISI and loses its capacity to be objective.”He pointed out that India first accused ISI of involvement in Samjhota Express bombing in 2007 in which 42 innocent Pakistanis also lost their lives.

However, later events proved who was responsible for this crime. He demanded of India to share investigation of the Samjota Express bombing with Pakistan and bring the culprits to justice.He said India should shun the tendency of accusing ISI for all its problems, including Nexalite insurgency which is spread over a large number of Indian districts.Replying to another question he reiterated Pakistan’s stand that drone attacks constitute breach of its sovereignty and the United States must revisit the policy that is also counter-productive.The spokesman told a questioner that there was no link between American assistance for Pakistan and operation in Fata. The two countries are finalising projects that would be funded through American assistance under Kerry-Lugar-Berman act, he added.He did not agree to a questioner that it was failure on the part of Pakistani authorities that the United States was not agreeing for civil nuclear cooperation with Pakistan despite its growing energy needs.The spokesman said the US was appreciative of Pakistan’s energy requirements and hoped that the dialogue would continue.

He hoped that the situation in Afghanistan would improve allowing project for import of gas from Turkmenistan to complete.He said, “Our missions are in touch with those countries where majority of Pakistanis are in jails to seek consular access to them.”The spokesman said several hundred Pakistanis have since been repatriated to the homeland including those from Oman during the last one month.He said about 70 to 80 per cent Pakistanis who are in jails abroad have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking.He said priority is being given to cases of those who are detained over minor crimes and have completed or are about to complete their sentences. He demanded India to share with Pakistan the investigations into the tragedy regarding setting Samjhota Express on fire.The spokesman stressed the US President Barack Obama’s India visit will help bring peace and stability to the region, adding the string of Pak-US negotiations regarding the cooperation in energy sector will continue.The FO spokesman also expressed the hope that US President Barack Obama would take up issues that are central to ensuring peace and stability in the region during his forthcoming visit to India.“The U.S being major power, Pakistan hopes it to play its role for regional peace,” Abdul Basit said- Dailymailnews