PM pays price for Kuwait’s stability

KUWAIT: A top state official recently acknowledged Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah for remaining in his position despite the attacks that he has received from critics, reported Al-Rai.The Prime Minister is paying the price for the stability of Kuwait and the ruling family,” said the Undersecretary at the Prime Minister’s Diwan, Sheikh Thamer Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, during an interview in which he addressed several topics on local politics.Regarding the sports issue, Sheikh Thamer said that the Prime Minister was not responsible for the decision that dissolved the Public Authority for Youth and Sports’ board. He also strongly denied rumors claiming that the controversy is the catalyst for a conflict between members of the ruling family and certain tradesmen. He indicated that “some people are trying to turn our democracy into mayhem and if that happens everyone will pay the price.

Sheikh Thamer led an investigations committee that exposed flaws in some naturalization procedures and asserted the importance of protecting the country’s identity from political and financial mismanagement. He further asserted the importance of maintaining national unity, reiterating that Kuwait was built by its Sunni, Shiite, Bedouin, and Hadar (urban) people.Sheikh Thamer added that he recognizes the challenges facing the country and stressed the importance of developing the Cabinet’s work and reconciling their differences with the parliament.Meannwhile, a recently published newspaper report claimed that the chairman of the Public Authority for Youths and Sports’ board has issued a decree that contradicts with the government’s. This step has placed the government in more turmoil, especially with regard to the sports issue.

According to the report published in Al-Rai, Dr Fuad Al-Falah, PAYS’ Head asked his attorney to prepare a memorandum that objects to a previous decision made by the former board. The boards of ten sports clubs have been dissolved.The memorandum was then referred to the head of the Fatwa and Legislation Department, and Al-Falah asked it to be attached with the case file currently being addressed by the Cassation Court, reported Al-Rai.The decision to dissolve the ten sports clubs was approved by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr Mohammad Al-Afasi. Meanwhile, the court passed a verdict in favor of the government – Kuwaittimes