China launches unique anti-aging traditional medicine

NANCHANG,(South China): A prominent Chinese traditional paramedical concern here Saturday launched a medicine, a combination of various ingredients that helps strengthen human body for  longevity. Shenlingcao is the top Chinese tonic with the proposition – Created in China Global Manufacturing, said  Liang Yimin, the leader of the Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration at a press confer to launch the product.
The Shenlingcao is designed by Jiangzhong Group for the people with the symptoms of chronic fatigue or hypoimmunity.Much attention has been paid to Shenlingcao as it integrated the wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  Master and the cutting Edge from the world for manufacturing, said Liang.Dr Zhu Liangchun, a 90-year old professor and master of  Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) speaking on the occasion advised the people to avoid smoking and over eating, inculcate the habit of daily exercise besides using some medicines to keep their health good and strong.He pointed out that as the age of 90s he feels strong and daily writing a book, as he does not feel fatigue.“The biggest advantage of Chinese medicines is the disease prevention and anti-aging,” Zhu observed.
The Jiangzhong group, he said has created a unique formula for Shenlingcao  with the adopted principles of ‘different ingredients play different roles’ in TCM.
The press conference was also addressed by representatives from i+o : Thomas Herrmann, Product  manager, Krones AG: Sebastian Schneemann, Director of global serving GBW (Ginseng Board of Wisconsin): Butch Weege, Director, Swiss SGS: Du Jiabin, Superviser Qinghai-Tibet snow mountain resource developing Co.,Ltd.: Liu Hui and Board chairman Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd: Kuroda Hitoshi, Director.
Earlier, a group of journalists both foreign and domestic was taken round of Jiangzhong Medicine Valley  also known as Paradise of Chinese Wisdom.
The media group  was taken round of different parts of the factor by Deputy General Manager of the Jiangzhong Group  Guo Yong  and brief about the cutting edge technology being used in manufacturing medicines.The event was jointly organized by Xinhua News agency’s subsidiaries reference News,” Interntional Herald Leader and JZJT (Jiangzhong Group) – App