Hungary is racing to prevent red chemical sludge from a huge spill reaching the Danube river

Disaster officials say the toxic sludge has killed all the fish in the Marcal, the river first hit by a disaster which has left four people dead and three others missing.Alkaline levels slightly above normal have been detected in two branches of the Danube.Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said the spill is an “ecological tragedy”.

Visiting the village of Kolontar on Thursday, he said the worst-hit areas would have to be abandoned.”Hungary is strong enough to be able to combat the effects of such a catastrophe. But we’re still open to any expertise which will help us combat the pollution effects,” he added.If the sludge enters the Danube the pollution could reach six countries, including Croatia, Serbia and Romania. Several villages were inundated on Monday when an alumina plant reservoir burst in the western county of Veszprem. Cars were swept off roads and bridges were damaged as the toxic waste flooded homes and entered the Marcal river
Three adults and a child were killed, three more people have been declared missing and another 120 have suffered injuries including burns – Bbc