E-cigarettes Can Trigger Smoking in Teens

Although digital cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are usually thought to become less dangerous, fresh study has unearthed that teens who employ these cigarettes are far more prone to smoking traditional cigarettes, pipes and hookahs within the next year in contrast to non-users.

E-cigarettes can trigger smoking in teens

Products that provide inhaled aerosol often containing smoking, digital cigarettes, have become increasingly common, especially among teenagers, Medical Xpress noted. Adam Leventhal from School of Southern California, La, and colleagues analyzed whether teenagers who claimed actually using e-cigarettes were more prone to start the usage of flammable tobacco (cigarettes, pipes, and hookah) throughout the following year. The research involved 2,530 pupils from five public high schools in La who claimed never using flammable cigarette at the start of the research in 2013, and finished follow up checks at 6 months within the spring 2014 or 12 weeks within the fall of 2014. 

At every time level, pupils completed home-statement studies on any utilization of tobacco products. The scientists discovered that e cigarette customers (222 pupils) were more prone to record utilization of any flammable tobacco product in the six-month followup (31 percent vs 8 percent) and in the 12-month followup (25 percent vs eight percent). Data provide proof that e cigarette use is related to elevated threat of flammable tobacco-use initiation during adolescence,” the research noted. – AP