Why Mosquitoes Are More Attracted to Some People Than Others

  • Researchers have discovered that female mosquitoes do the biting
  • Different breeds have different tastes, and alcohol makes us more attractive to some breeds
  • It is believed mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and the chemical cocktail they breathe out on our skin
  • Researchers recommend a good repellent and a maintained backyard as methods to deter mosquitoes


Australian researchers believe they are closer to discovering why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. Researchers have discovered that it is female mosquitoes that do the biting and different breeds have different tastes. Another researcher has claimed that consuming beer or alcohol can make you more attractive to some breeds of mosquitoes, reports Nine News.

Mosquito expert Dr Cameron Webb said he thinks his team have found a more scientific answer to what makes us more enticing than others. ‘We think it comes down to the carbon dioxide we breathe out, but also the chemical cocktail they breathe out on our skin,’ he said.

mosquitoes do the biting

Avoiding mosquitoes is a significant health concern, with almost 5000 Australians a year contracting a mosquito-borne infectious disease known as Ross River Virus. While there are a number of urban legends on how to ward off mosquitoes, including eating garlic and avoiding too much sugar.

Mosquito experts urge people to make sure their garden is mosquito free by draining the pot plants and plant dishes. They otherwise advise people to use mosquito repellents, with the optimum brand being those which contains DEET, also known as diethyltoluamide. -dailymail

mosquitoes repellent on hand