Under the knife 20 times to look pretty

Under the knife 20 times to look pretty

Gail Clough

Determined to hold back the years and appear beautiful always, 46-year old Gail Clough has had Dh345,338 worth of cosmetic surgery, all but one done on her in Dubai.

A stand-up comedienne and DJ by profession, Gail is petite, pleasant-natured and appears half her age, thanks to the over 20 cosmetic procedures she has had since she became obsessed with beauty treatments. “It’s not only a matter of staying young, I want to remain beautiful too,” she told media.  Gail had the first surgery done when she was just 17. “I had a hooked nose and wanted a softer look. A nose job makes a huge difference in your appearance since it is the focal point of the face,” she explained, adding that she was the happiest with this procedure.

Since then, there has been no stopping for the Britisher who has tried nearly all the cosmetic procedures from Botox to laser treatment to hair removal methods. “The first surgery gave me immense confidence since it improved my looks tremendously,” she said. Gail then left Manchester and went on a whirlwind world tour for the next seven years finally taking up a job as a DJ in Dubai in 1992.  Now she partly owns www.dubaisurgery.com that offers a range of cosmetic procedures. “I have been very lucky to have had the best doctors to attend to me,” she said, adding that cosmetic procedure industry in Dubai is among the best in the world.

Motivation to improve her looks also came from her mom, said Gail. “My mom was a typical housewife who hardly cared about herself. I told her I did not want to be like her,” she explains. And in the same determined way, Gail is sure that she does not want a family. “I love partying and staying out at night. A husband and kids do not fit in this arrangement,” she added. She has had a recent procedure in which she had fat removed from her arms to be injected in her face for a fuller look. “If required, I will continue having more procedures done in future.”  Her advice for those considering a cosmetic procedure is to be absolutely certain before taking the step. “If you are comfortable and happy with the way you look, then it is fine and in case you want a change, I’m there to share my experience,” she said.-Khaleejtimes