Women too have high sex drive

Women too have high sex drive

Women too have high sex drive

Men have traditionally been touted as the ‘hungry for sex’ species. With a comparatively higher sex drive than their female partner, men are often expected to assume charge while performing in bed and are held responsible for a gratifying act too.

But why are men having all the fun? Women too can act bold when it comes to showing off their sex drive. But how?Dr. Deepak Arora, a sexologist elucidates, “Men love their wives to have sex and wives have sex to get love from their men, in this way they become a supplement for each other. So if the female partner starts taking an equal interest in the act of intimacy; it can bring them closer to each other and they can enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.”

Relationship and sex counselor Dr. Geetu Bhardwaj supports, “Gone are the days when a ‘high sex drive’ was considered a male prerogative. With various sexual techniques and arousal methods, even women can enhance their sex appeal and thus give their sex drive a much needed boost. Once women empower themselves to take charge in bed, they can overtake men not only in their sex drive, but also in sexual performance.”Breaking away from the preset notion of ‘men are sexually more active’, we get experts to share ways as to how a woman can overtake her man in sex drive…

Take charge of foreplay: Men, in general, are not overtly interested in prolonged foreplay. So it comes as an added advantage for women to give a push to their sex drive and initiate the primary foreplay. Sex therapist Dr. Devesh Roy advices, “Women must keep in mind that the arousing acts should be intense so that the man feels that you are fully charged up for a steamy session in bed.

Do not focus much on unnecessary things like cooking a meal etc that may mar the mood before it actually gets going.”

Plan for a sensuous night: You’d have often seen in Bollywood flicks that the hero is decorating the room for a night of passion and is going all out to woo his lady love with surprise gifts. But why do men make way for these sexual fantasies? It’s time for women to let their wild imagination spread its magic. Relationship and sex counselor Dr. Geetu Bhardwaj opines, “Keeping their sexual desires on a high, women can plan for opulent bedroom settings whereby they can have everything that hints towards their sexual desire. Right from dim lights and aroma oils to fragrant rose petals and orchids strands; create an atmosphere that is conducive for a lovemaking night.”

Dress attractively: Quite often, women feel low on sex drive because they feel less sexy and attractive from inside. Hence, they wait for men to pamper them and make them feel wanted. Dr. Amita Mishra, a relationship expert however states, “Looking attractive in sexy attires like a bikini or see-through lingerie ignites the female sexual desire to get intimate with their partner and vice-versa. Even if your man is not interested in sex on a particular night, there are chances that your dressing provocatively will arouse them for a sexual session.”

Exchange naughty gestures: While men always boast of their sex drive through gestures like tickling, caressing, kissing, whispering and at times publicly displaying their affection, women too should try shedding their inhibitions and acting a bit naughty. While having dinner, women can try holding their mate’s hands or giving them a surprise hug when he’s shirtless right after a shower. “These sexual gestures act as clear indications that a woman is much more aroused as compared to the man. This high sex drive gets translated into a wonderful chemistry in the bedroom while having sex,” feels Dr. Roy.

Make kissing a memorable experience: Passionate kissing works wonders in your sexual paradise, but again don’t let your man make the first move. Make him feel that you know much more than him when it comes to kissing. Try different kinds of kisses and drive him crazy.

“Kissing is a quintessential part of foreplay, the actual act and after-sex moments. Women can use kissing as a weapon to stimulate their partners and at the same time also experiment with newer ways of kissing to leave their partner utterly surprised,” suggests Dr. Geetu.

Don’t insist too much on contraception: A short cut to let your man know that you’re equally, or more, ravenous for sex is to let the things happen without much of interruption. While performing in bed, women must not insist too much on using protection and just try to enjoy the act. “Continuous reminders about using contraception make a man feel that the woman is not keen on sex and is rather overtly worried about the aftermath. So it’s suggested that the pleasurable moments should be performed sans any hindrance to show a woman’s craving for sex,” says Dr. Amita. – TOI