Army provides medical services to denge infected people in Lahore

LAHORE: The doctors and para medical staff of Pakistan Army remained hectically busy throughout the day in provision of blood screening and diagnostic services to a large number of people on the first day of establishment of Army free medical camps for control and eradication of dengue virus in Lahore.

According to the consolidated figures made available from the eleven Army free medical camps around 1500 people reported only today. So far 32 critical cases of dengue infection were referred to CMH Lahore for admission. While minor cases were provided free consultation and requisite medication. It may be mentioned that Pakistan Army has established an exclusive 100 – bed facility at CMH Lahore for free of cost treatment of civil patients severely infected by deadly epidemic.

The Army free medical camps for diagnosis of dengue virus have been established at Bedian Road, Cavalry Ground near Khalid Masjid, Mehfozpura near Ghazi Grid Station, Cantonment General Hospital, Saddar, Masjid Chowk DHA Phase-1, Beacon House School DHA Phase-3, Commercial area DHA Phase-5. A dedicated team of Army medics will remain available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily to provide free medical facility for convenience of general public.