Govt to support pharma industry: minister

Sindh Health Minister Dr Saghir Ahmad has assured the pharmaceutical industry of the government’s support in establishing the FDA-approved drug manufacturing plants in the province.Speaking at the concluding session of the first National Pharma Summit, organised by the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) here the other day, he said that the government was committed to assisting industries in creating employment opportunities and earning foreign exchange for the country.Regarding the devolution of the health sector to the provinces, with specific reference to registration of drugs, licensing, pricing and quality control, the minister said that these issues had been discussed with the federal government and all pending issues would be resolved in the coming months.Dr Saghir Ahmed offered his support to the PPMA in removing obstacles hindering progress and strengthening local pharmaceutical industry.He said that there has to be a balanced representation from all the provinces in the appellate boards to be established in each province for handling complaints against drug industry and issues related to pricing of drugs.

Speaking on the occasion, Adviser to Prime Minister Mirza Ikhtiar Baig said that this conference, which happens to be the first of its kind, will prove extremely helpful for the growth and development of pharma industry.He asked the PPMA to provide him with a list of pharmaceutical products that they wish to include in “Zero-rated” for exports to China. Such a list, he said, was being currently prepared by the government.He maintained that there exist good opportunities for pharmaceutical exports to Yemen and Morocco as well, and asked the PPMA to procure government support for capturing this big market share.“We are not only competitive but also producing best quality pharmaceutical preparations,” he claimed. – Thenews