‘Intizar Hussain Award’ announced

Legendary fiction writer Intizar Hussain was remembered at a reference at Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Tuesday. Born on December 7, 1923, at Dibai, India, Intizar Hussain died in Lahore on February 2. He wrote around 40 books, including ‘A Chronicle of the Peacocks’ and ‘The Death of Sheherzad.’

He was conferred with a number of awards, including the Pride of Performance. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Irfan Siddiqui while speaking at the reference announced ‘Intizar Hussain Award’ which would be given to a literary figure every year.

‘Intizar Hussain
‘Intizar Hussain Award’ announced

“PAL can decide the modalities, through a committee, and that to whom the award should be given such as novel writers etc. However, I can assure that the amount of the award will be handsome,” he said. Mr Siddiqui said though it was said at every person’s death that the vacuum created by their departure cannot be filled, these words were truly made for Intizar Hussain. “We have to wait for a long time to get a person close to the calibre of Intizar Hussain. There is a quality in his writing that from just one paragraph we can recognise that it is written by Intizar Hussain,” he said. Poet Kishwar Naheed said she met Intizar Hussain in the meetings of Halqa Arbab-i Zauq. “His Walima was held at my house. For the last few years, he had been saying that the so-called religious scholars were becoming a problem.

But he also used to say that he was happy to see that a number of women had started writing,” she said. Columnist Ataul Haq Qasmi said Intizar Hussain was a great person and had a beautiful life. “Those who think that Intizar Hussain was against the creation of Pakistan, they should know that he was in favour of Pakistan,” he claimed. Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik said Intizar Hussain would always remain alive through his literature. “I learnt a lot from him. When I started politics, he did not like it and when I restarted teaching he celebrated that day,” he said. Istaqbale Mehdi, a relative of Intizar Hussain, said he was a great person and always had smile on his face. “He encouraged me to write and never tried to discourage me on my mistakes,” he said.