Tension Between Noor and Juggan Kazim

 Noor and Juggan Kazim
Tension Between Noor & Juggan Kazim

Tensions are reportedly rising between two of the beautiful women in Lollywood: Jugan Kazim and Noor. However, it seems that there is a cold war between these two lovely ladies. Juggan Kazim is said to be furious that Noor is trying to steal her show, allegedly questioning her skills as an host, and suggesting she has no worth to compete her.

Juggan told media that ‘Noor is busy plotting against her. Noor, who seems miffed with Juggan, made unsavory comments about the actress.

Juggan Kazim HotIn a recent interview Juggan said, “she prefer to do some quality work and everyone knows what is Noor’s standard. Now a days she is busy doing conspiracies against me but she will never successful in this.”