Lucky Cyclist Narrowly Escapes Death

A cyclist in Moscow survives a double near miss by a speeding red car and truck and appears to have no injuries as he goes to help the truck driver . 

To survive one near miss is probably good luck, but to survive two is unbelievable good fortune.

cyclist narrowly
Lucky cyclist narrowly escapes death

Yet for one cyclist in Russia, that is exactly what happened after cycling on a pedestrian crossing and nearly being hit by a speeding car and a close shave with a truck. The unknown biker is unhurt when a speeding red car passes him incredibly close and even debris from the car narrowly misses the cyclist.

But it doesn’t end there: within seconds, the truck throws him off his bike as it spins to the left. However he is not injured and after a few seconds, the cyclist gets on his feet and goes to the aid of the truck driver whose vehicle has toppled over.  -telegraph

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