Dark Knight Rises breaks records amidst tragedy

Dark Knight Rises breaks records amidst tragedy

Dark Night Rises

The Dark Knight Rises broke box office records as Hollywood mourns the fatal shootings that took place over the weekend.

James Holmes opened fire at a midnight screening of the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman film in Aurora, Colorado on Friday morning, killing twelve people and injuring over 50 more.Hollywood studios decided not to post box office earnings on Sunday in observance of the tragedy.

Gross profit data has now been released and Associated Press reports that The Dark Knight Rises opened with ticket sales of around $160 million. In 2008 the film’s prequel The Dark Knight premiered at $158 million.Although a red carpet event was scheduled to debut the film in Paris last weekend, Dark Knight Rises studio Warner Bros. canceled the function in light of the Aurora calamity.

Director Christopher Nolan, leading man Christian Bale and his co-stars, including Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, have all expressed their deepest condolences to victims and their loved ones.James appeared in court for the first time on Monday potentially facing the charge of first-degree murder for the killing spree. – Msn