Miss Veet Pakistan Contestants Organizes A Miss Veet GT!

The competition is heating up in the country’s most popular reality show, Miss Veet Pakistan as the challenges get tougher with each episode.

Judged by a panel of renowned celebrities Aisha Khan, Aamina Sheikh, Tapu Javeri and mentored by supermodel Fayezah Ansari the show aired its 9th episode that revolved around a unique challenge.

Munaza Fatima
The 9th episode featured an exciting challenge which required the contestants to organizing a formal evening in which the girls had to creatively decorate the dining tables, decide the menu, interact with the guests and be the perfect hostess.

Miss Veet Pakistan Contestants Organizes a Miss Veet GT! (2)

The challenge tested the girls confidence and intelligence. The renowned band Noori and the fabulous Sabika Imam were the surprise celebrity judges and guests at the Veet Villa.

Miss Veet Pakistan Contestants Organizes a Miss Veet GT!
“We feel proud to be a part of a show that has won millions of hearts across the nation. The contestants hosted an elegant evening with the perfect ambiance.

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Miss Veet Pakistan Contestants Organizes a Miss Veet

These enthusiastic girls are sure to become successful women one day who will inspire and encourage the youth of the country.” shared Ali Noor, from the famous rock band Noori. The evening ended sadly with another round of elimination.

Munaza Fatima

The judgment was based on the overall hosting skills of the contestants in which Munaza Fatima from Islamabad, failed to impress the judges and hence, her time with Miss Veet Pakistan 2016 ended.

Munaza Fatima

But this may not be the end of her transformation journey if the viewers decide to bring her back as a wild card contestant. Voting lines for Munaza are now open.

Munaza Fatima..

Munaza Fatima