10 Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time

Singing is a great talent. The singers get reputation not only in their native lands but also the world over. The female singers have contributed a lot in giving a new edge to the music industry. Pakistani female singers are known for their quality of sound and melody of voice. Check this list of top 10 most popular Pakistani female singers of all time.

10. Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen Singer

Abida Parveen is a top notch and very talented female singer. This Pakistani celeb gained popularity and is known for her matchless singing style.

9. Rabi Peerzada 

Rabi Peerzada  Singer

Rabi Peerzada is one of the most popular Pakistani female singers of all time. This incredible lady started her career as a music show host. Later on, she became a singer. In 2009, she performed at Coke Studio. Mujhey Ishq Hy is one of her best songs.

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8. Annie

Annie Pakistani Singer

Annie is a beautiful, amazing, and popular female singer. She has gotten fame across Asia and other parts of the world due to her beautiful and impressive voice. Mahiya is one of her finest songs. Annie received various awards during her career including the best singer awards of 2006 and 2008.

7. Humera Arshad  

Humera Arshad  Singer

Humera Arshad is one of the most popular Pakistani female singers of all time. She is born artist, and needs no introduction. She has enough skills to catch the attention of the audience. Humera is blessed with a melodious voice. Dholna is her most remarkable and great composition.

6. Reshma


Reshma was found by a radio station. The magic of her voice spread not only in Pakistan but also in Bollywood. She is considered to be the queen of folk music. One of her finest songs is Meri Humjolio with universal popularity.

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5. Shabnam Majeed 

Shabnam Majeed Pakistani SInger

Shabnam Majeed is one of the most popular Pakistani female singers of all time. She is widely famous for her melodious voice and her song ‘Dil Cheez Hy Kia Jana’ made her famous among male and female audience.

4. Fareeha Pervaiz 

Fareeha Pervaiz Singer

Fareeha Pervaiz is one of the leading female singers of Pakistan. This beautiful lady started her career from hosting show on PTV. Her album Patang Baaz has been a massive hit. She has composed various songs for her global fans during her time.

3. Nazia Hassan 

Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan is one of the most popular Pakistani female singers. This lady has given a new turn to pop music. She was the first female pop singer of the country. Her best song has been Disco Deewany and Dum Dum Dee Dee that gained worldwide popularity.

2. Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kayani is one of the most remarkable females of Pakistan music industry. During her career, Hadiqa received various awards. Her contribution of finest music albums in the industry can never be forgotten.

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1. Madam Noor Jahan

Noor Jahan

Madam Noor Jahan is the legend of Pakistan. She is one of the most popular Pakistani female singers of all time. she has been known for her contribution to the field of music. Madam Noor Jahan always sung variety of songs. She showed her talent not only as a singer but also a movie actress of Pakistan.